Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all, I know I have been bad about posting to my blog, but to be honest school took all my time the last half of the year, I was just lucky enough to paint a few figures now and then to keep my sanitary.

My Polish Vistula Legion is almost done only five figures to go and the first battalion is complete.

But for Christmas my wife got me several boxes of Perry plastics which will increase my army size by a third.

"la Bricole" has started it 2014 winter painting competition "Deploy Skirmishers" so since I was needing and planning Legere infantry, its a good thing to give me a deadline and sounds like fun.

Here are my first few figures I had primed, I had originally planned to do a test this week, but when I saw the competition announced I stopped my last few Vistula Legion troops and started these.

I do have a lot of painting to do, Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery on the board, so I will be busy for a while...Oh did I mention I also have a 28mm Japanese army to paint for Bolt Action and/or Chain of Command

Sunday, July 14, 2013

13 July 2013 -- AAR

Scenario = A British infantry brigade holds a village at a river crossing and farm there mission is to hold until relived by British and Brunswick forces. A French infantry division with a cavalry brigade and additional units.

OOB - French:
1st Infantry Brigade = four line battalions
2nd Infantry Brigade = three line battalions
Cavalry Brigade = Cuirassier regiment and Carabinier regiment
Two foot artillery batteries = 6lb Battery + howitzer, 8lb battery
Chasseurs a Cheval regiment

OOB - Allies:
1st British Infantry = four line battalions
2nd British Infantry = two line battalions and a Highland battalion
British foot artillery = 9lb
Brunswick Infantry = four line battalions and a avantgarde battalion
Brunswick horse artillery = 6lb

The British and French deploy.

The French infantry move to attack, the artillery pound the structures trying to reduce them.

The brigade on the left failed to motivate to charge, so one of the battalions from the right brigade motivates to charge. One consonance was the Chasseurs a Cheval regiment charged unsupported and paid a high price and was force to retire Also we are lucky the Allied reserves have failed to arrive to attempt relief.

The left brigade slowly presses on the attack and the right brigade charges home, at the end the allied reserves arrive.

The Brunswick horse artillery moves aggressively and fires into the brigade assaulting the village and disrupts two battalions, the cavalry being in position protect one bridge crossing moves into action and the Cuirassier regiment forces the horse artillery to react, the cavalry have the initiative but fail motivate to charge and the horse artillery blast Cuirassier regiment forcing them to retreat.

The allied forces move and deploy along the river, but with the two French brigade capturing the village and the French artillery redeployed covering the bridges and the French cavalry in postilion to stop any crossing it was a French Victory.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Vistula Legion

Well I received my boxes of the new Vistula Legion just put out by Warlord Games. They look good, but I did notice some excessive flash on some of the metal heads. Other than that on my first glance over the box that really stood out. Additionally it came without a paper insert, like a Perry box has.

I am planning to paint these up as the First Regiment since each regiment had two battalions.

I think these and my Murawski Poles (which I need more of) will fit in nicely when I get everything together.

I did post some pictures last month of my units in my Order Of Battle (OOB) page, they did not come out as well as I wanted them to, I am working on my camera work hoping to get better.

Moreover, all the little projects are coming along, though maybe not as fast as I would like. School and family does take priority.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lack of Posts

Hello all,

Well I am busy modeling and painting, But I am unable to post pictures due to a bad camera cable I am now replacing, I tried to make it work, but it needs to be replaced.

I have finished my 6lb French battery. I have ordered a Westfalia Miniatures ammunition cassion to start on my artillery park.

I am almost done on my Carabinier Regiment, but I decided to make it eighteen figures (I can always add more later) and have started on my Cuirassier Regiment (I might make two) all will also be eighteen figures.

Also I have some Paul Hicks Poles on order, I very much look forward to building a Polish Brigade.

Friday, September 28, 2012

WIP - Foot Artillery Battery

Two months ago I went and ordered the cannons to complete my French 6lb Foot Artillery Battery, so I received the Perry 6lb loading, in greatcoats, and the 5.5 howitzer firing. I really am not to keen on the Perry Guns; I will replace them with Elites or Front rank ones, but I will use them now until I replace them.

Just have to flock the greatcoats base and half way done on the howitzer crew. And I will be complete, Have a game the second Saturday in December I am getting ready for.

I tend to bounce between projects, I find I don't get bored or burned out painting the same thing all over again...after all it a hobby to provide me enjoyment and it does keep my stress down.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Movement Trays & Storage

I have often seen other blogs and site where players have their minis in trays, so I am storing my figures in the ArtBin Super Satchel™ 1-Compartment 6955AB. these are very nice boxes, I know when I start on my lancers I will have to get the deep box, but the nice thing they stack well and look good for the wife.

Inside the box, the infantry stands would shift while I jumbled the box and I wanted the stands and units to remain intact as a Battalion unit. Thus I made some movement trays.

I took 1/8 inch basswood sheets cut to size of the unit, then I glue a 1/4 boarder around the base, I then sprayed it hunter green and it was as simple as that.

The units stack nice inside the boxes, but I do have to keep an eye on flag pole height. I do store my battalions in line formation and place my Perry loose Voltigeurs whom I have base individuality in a battalion in column base

Thursday, August 23, 2012

WIP - Carabiniers

I started work on some Carabiniers, Perry plastic models. I have two boxes but have only started to paint up one, I will be modeling the 1st Regiment of Carabiniers.

14 horse and riders from one box, I will be basing to play R2E, I just stuck them on these bases to get a good feel on how I will be basing. The plan is to have three of the figures on 70mm x 60mm bases, the 70mm front gives me enough too to avoid model damage, then squeezing them on a 60mm x 60mm base.

I plan on painting 27, three rows of nine across.

I know I need to take better pictures...working on it I hope...LOL