Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wargaming - ARR

Had our monthly Republic to Empire game yesterday, French forces against Anglo-allies forces (Brunswick's, Belgians, and English Reserves. The French were our numbered two to one so they were in the defense in a built-up area having two brigades of two batallions each; and a six pound battery in a redoubt and a half battery in the buildup area, and in reserve a Cavalry brigade.

The scenario was that the French was to hold the build up area for ten turns (we held for seven and were force out on turn eight)

He deployed across the board front and advanced.

  The Anglo-Allies had horse arty and pulled the up to the redoubt and conducted a duel between batteries, the Anglo's had to many good roles. On the right flank the Belgians exposed one batallion and the French cavalry charge that battalion and forced it to flee in panic.
That was the good stuff on the right flank, on the left not so good. The Brunswicker's were massing for an assault and the French battery was being taken down by attrition. With them amassed they assaulted the built-up area, four battalions charged into the area against one battalion, it was a slug fest back and fourth, but even with feeding reserves into the built-up area it was not enough to keep them out and the French were expelled on turn eight. -- so end the game as the French were not with enough strength to come back.

So a rematch in two weeks...we will have more Frenchmen, there on the workbench

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Few Infantryman

just a few almost finished Perry French Infantry

Bases are ordered and should be here Monday, still have a bunch more being painted