Monday, January 30, 2012

Mail is Delivered !!!

The Postman delivered my French Brigade today, I am much happy as now I can start working on painting.

I am very pleased with the Perry deal, ordering direct from them saved me a few dollars and it took eleven days to get to me...I will do it again for sure.

My plan is to start on six figures and see how I do them and then go from there, so I have six Fusiliers for one company, without greatcoats. the next few after that I will try in greatcoats.

I am building 2nd Brigade/13th Infantry Division/IV Corp ---  48 Ligne (2 Battalions) and 69 Ligne (2 Battalions)

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  1. Yeah, the Perrys do make great miniatures for a really low price. I was really tempted by their Division Deal.