Friday, September 28, 2012

WIP - Foot Artillery Battery

Two months ago I went and ordered the cannons to complete my French 6lb Foot Artillery Battery, so I received the Perry 6lb loading, in greatcoats, and the 5.5 howitzer firing. I really am not to keen on the Perry Guns; I will replace them with Elites or Front rank ones, but I will use them now until I replace them.

Just have to flock the greatcoats base and half way done on the howitzer crew. And I will be complete, Have a game the second Saturday in December I am getting ready for.

I tend to bounce between projects, I find I don't get bored or burned out painting the same thing all over again...after all it a hobby to provide me enjoyment and it does keep my stress down.


  1. Very nice looking artillery Joseph.

  2. great blog!!

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  3. great looking artillery you got there!

    I completely agree about jumping between projects! As long as you finish them though and you don't end up having a dozen unfinished projects on your workbench ;)