Monday, April 29, 2013

Vistula Legion

Well I received my boxes of the new Vistula Legion just put out by Warlord Games. They look good, but I did notice some excessive flash on some of the metal heads. Other than that on my first glance over the box that really stood out. Additionally it came without a paper insert, like a Perry box has.

I am planning to paint these up as the First Regiment since each regiment had two battalions.

I think these and my Murawski Poles (which I need more of) will fit in nicely when I get everything together.

I did post some pictures last month of my units in my Order Of Battle (OOB) page, they did not come out as well as I wanted them to, I am working on my camera work hoping to get better.

Moreover, all the little projects are coming along, though maybe not as fast as I would like. School and family does take priority.

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